Sunday, 19 April 2015

Rose Snips

I have broken my arm and it was in a cast for two weeks. I was in the hospital for three days.

I broke it by climbing a tree and the branch snapped and I fell and hit branches and then I hit a cattle yard fence, I fell 4 and a half metres.

I can not do soccer or dance.

7 months ago my brother was in our dune buggy and a stick pushed a hole in the tire, we have two dune buggies so our uncle switched the tires and now our dune buggy is working.

We made a solid chocolate bunny for Easter.


  1. You were so very, very lucky to have not been injured more severely. So sad for you about soccer{{}}
    Great to have the buggy going again:)

    1. And I see now I chatted as 'you' and really it was me.
      Mum xx

  2. I was so very lucky. And I do mess soccer. And I love the buggy.